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Peshastin Mill Site Donors

Peshastin Mill Site

Wishes to THANK the GENEROUS DONORS below.

Legacy Gifts
Peter Bevis
Community Foundation of NCW
Bill and Jenny Goebel
Eliot and Tina Scull - $100,000 matching donation
Anonymous - $50,000
Major Gifts
$5,000 - $14,999
Diane Carson
Bart and Sheila Clennon
Complete the Loop Coalition
Judy Conner
David Jaecks
Mike and Kathy Hambelton
Judy Marsalis
Fred Van Sickle
Bruce Williams and Gro Buer
Robert White
September 2021 - A rock engraved with the names of donors who donated over $5000 is placed at the Peshastin Mill Waterfront trailhead.

Community Gifts
391 - Icicle Valley
9047 - Washington
Balling, Paige
Ballinger, Paul and Susan
Bauer, Sally and Bill
Bavarian Lodge
Beckstead Electric Inc.
Boyle, Patton
Brown, Eric and Sybil
Cashmere Valley Bank
Clevenger, Jill and Greg
Congdon, Louis Van Doren and Barbara
Conner, Judy
Christianson, Rudolph and Carolyn (via Community Foundation)
Derrick, Brian and Tracy
Dietrich, Bud and  Pat
Ettinger, Tom and Jill LaRue
Evans, Guy
Evans, Luke
Federation of Fly Fishers, Inc
Ferg, Roberta
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Gray, Paul
Griffith, Laurie
Hansen, Heather
Icicle Valley Trout Unlimited
Kampen, Bill and Sandi
Kranz, Karl
Larsen, Elmer
Marsh, Joseph
Martin, Garry and Marcia
Meyer, Edgar A.
Miller, Rich and Teri
    (in Memory of Kevin Worth)
Munchen Haus
Ottosen, Richard
Parlette, Robert L. and Linda Evans
Pauly, Chelan
Plain Fly Tyers
Rossing, Barbara and Lauren Johnson

Rowe, Thomas
Schmitten, Rolland and Barbara
Sharratt, Gene and Carol
Sorom Family Fund (via Community Foundation)
Stevens, Joyce

Szeliski, Richard and Lyn McCoy
Tillotson, George
Tilly, Earl and Barb (via Community Foundation)
Upper Columbia Salmon Recovery Board

Van Doren, Carl
Van Doren, Louis and Barbara Congdon
Washington Council of Trout Unlimited
Wenatchee Sportsmen's Association
Wenatchee Valley Fly Fishers

Wilson, David E.
Winters, Robert
500 CLUB
Anderson, Bruce
Balzer, Ron and Claudia
Beaty, Susan A.
Billy Stroud Surveying Inc.
Bosket, Patricia
Boyce, Gregory
Brulotte, Oliver and Pamela
Burgoon, Peter
Butler, Skip and Jeanine
Butruille, Tony
Clevenger, Jill and Greg
Congdon, Richard
CPH Consultants
Cravens, Jeff and Jenny
Cunningham, John M.
Daniels, Edith A.
Dietzman, Daniel
Ferguson, Fred and Joyce
Gavin, Tim
Gibbons, Jay and Mary (via Community Foundation)
Harris, Roger and Kathy
Hedges, Marilyn
Icicle Brewing Company
Jenkins, Ryan and Kim
Kjobech, Carl
Knapp, Dennis and Barbara
Kuball, Elmer
Kuyk, Charles, G
Larsen, Kristofer
Lloyd, Wallace and Leslie
Lovett, Barry and Rita
Marson, Ken and Margaret
Marson and Marson Lumber Inc.
Martinez, Edward and Julianne
McCauley, Connie C.
Merighi, Bruce
Mountain Resort Sleeping Lady
Nelson, Forrest
Ogburn, Robert
O'Hearn, Chris and Robin (via the Community Foundation)
Parsley, Cheryl A.
Peryea, Francis
Petit, Earl and Anita
Prey, Antje
Price, Suzanne
Rayfield Brothers Excavating, Inc
Ressler, John
Rossling, Mary
Schuetzler, Mark and Georgia
Shugrue, Brian and Rochelle
Smith, Carin A.
Sorensen, Louis
Steeber, Gregory and Mary
Stofleth, Vern and De Ette
    (in Memory of Kevin Worth)
Stroup, Catherine
Stroup, Robert R.
ThanhVan, Tran
Van Sickle, Fred
Wagoner Vineyards LLC
Wallace, Howard and Merridy
WA State Council Intn'l Federation of Fly Fishers
Winters, Robert
Wyant, Michael
Yale, John
Young, Lance and Mary
$1 - $499
Anonymous Trout Unlimited
Austin, Mary
Bacon, Tracy
Baker, Callie C.
Barron, Marin and Tina
Barry, Geoff and Celeste
Bauer, Sally and Bill
Beck, Molly
Bean, Constance
Beining, Jaqueline S.
Bernatz, Joel
Blumhagen, Stephanie
Boreson, Kelly S.
Bosko, Mike
Bossenbrock, Carmen
Boyce, Heather M.
Boyd, Tom and Mall
Bowden, Brian E.
Bridges, Anne
Brower, Scot
Brown, Lynn
Brulotte, Bennett and Tracy
Bush, Bobette
Busse, Laurie
Cade, Matthew
Carani, Claudia
Carlson, Reed
Carlson, Roger
Carrothers, David
Carter, James
Chadd, Lynn A.
Chapple, Le Roy
Cibicki, Victoria
Cleek, Lawrence
Clugston, Charles
Cole, Lois A.
Collins, Janet
Corbin, Katherine
Crain, Nathan
Crosby, Ann
Cunningham, Judith
Dal Porto, Danna
Dantoni, John
Dappen, Andrew
Dark, Tom
Davidson, Charity
Davis, Nick
Derry, Robert L.
Dilley, Margareta
Drew, Eron
Dull, Carol
Eberle, Jon
Edwards, Rick and Wendy
Erickson, Richard L.
Fallon, Marty and Bob
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Figdore, Bryce
Fikkan, Joyce
Fleming, Mary Michelle and Dirk Horton
Fletcher, Margaret
Fortman, Mike and Sobie
Garver, C. M.
Gerdts, Bill
Girdler, Andrew L.
Gleason, Robert C.
Glickfield, Larry and Rosie
Godfrey, Steve and Irene
Grieb, Paula
Griffin-Bugert, Carolyn
Griffith, Henrietta
Gustie, Paul
Hannon, C.
Hanson, Jim
Harm, Ken and Ullrich Sabine
Harris, Daniel
Harrison, Walt
Heidenfelder, Pam
Heinle, Ken
Hemberry, Ken and Liz
Henkle, Mel CPA
Henline, William
Hertzog, Ken and Kathy
Hess, Mark
Hessburg, Paul and Mary
Hoane, Myra Jean
Hoch, Kayt
Hoffberg, Neal
Hohmann, Claudia
Holcomb, James
Hollenbeck, Denise
Hoopes, Cale
Horowitz, Sarah
Hoyt, Stanley C.
Ides, Caitlin
Jacobs, Steven
Jenkins, William Jr.
Johnson, Adelle
Johnson, Fred and Joyce
Johnson, Gavin and Brooke
Johnson, Jack and Devera Sharp
Jones, Dan
Jordan, D. Gail
Kingsley, Carrie
Kruse, John D.
Laird, Kirk D.
Lane, Brian and Penny
Lang, Carolyn
Lawson, Susan J.
Layman, William
Leifheit, James
Leisso, Rachel
Leitz, Vern
Lewis, Paul
Litzenberger, Theresa
Lively, Kurtis
Lougheed, Clint
Lunz, Sharon
Luthanen, Jon
Mack, Ralph
Macpherson, Suzanne
Mailloux, Gary and Mary
Malfait, Roger
Mansfield, Jane and Dale
    (In loving memory of my son, Kevin Worth)
Mayhew, Kenneth
McCammon, Bruce and Dianne
McClendon, Anne
McDonald, Kim
McInturff, Mary Jane
McManus, Scott and Margaret
Merz, Judy
Milner, Lee and Anna
Milner, Richard
Montibriand, Melissa
Moore, Courtney
Morris, Pamela
Mundy, Diane
Neal, Leon
Neighbors, Margaret
Newman, Caitilin
Nierman, Doris
Northrup,  Gordon
Olson, Monte and Judith
Orr, Bonnie
Oyler, Karen
Palmason, James
Parsley, Marian
Patterson, Diane
Peterson, Ryan
Poirier, Jeanne
Polizzi, Steven
Polizzi, Susan
Price, Joshua and Lacey
Pusey, Jeanne S.
Rader, Christine
Raley, Herman and Susan
Ramstad, Brooke
Raymond, Steven
Reinholz, David
Reister, Zeke
Remmer, Steven
Richardson, Geoff and Tina
Richmond, John
Riese, Annemarie
Ringel, Jason
Ringlee, Christopher
Romero, Juan
Rothrock, Dan
Samuel, Merry
Savage, Stephanie
Schmitten, Dorothy B.
Schmitten Orchards Inc.
Scott, Robert
Shipman, Mark
Siroky, Emily and Vitek
Skold, Westerlind Eva
Sloniker, Gerry
Smith, Patrick
Smith, Richard
Smith, Steve D.
Soper, Craig
Sparks, Gil and Kay (via Community Foundation)
Speidel, Jean V.E.
S.P.O.R.T. Gymnastics
Stevenson, Ira
Stivers, Carl and Maureen
Stoddard, Dorothy
Stoehr, Marlene
Stroup, Jeffrey
Stroup, Scott
Swanson, Thomas
Taub, A.
Therrell, Lisa
Thomas, David
Thompson, Sherry
Tiechner, Jac
Tietze, Erich
Tovar, Eutimio
Tromberg, Earl
Tucker, Martha
Valentine, Carol
Voigt, Norma J.
Wagenbach, Michael
Wagoner, Judith and Louis
Wardell, Carol A.
Webster, Steven
Wonn, James W.
Woodford, Ian
Yanick, Joseph
Yates, Robert
Yenney, Bonnie G.
Young, Lance and Mary
Zanol, John

April 2016
Wenatchee Valley Fly Fishers present their check for $3,000 to Save Peshastin Waterfront

In Photo - JoAnn Lane, Gary Anderson, Bob Stroup, and Rollie Schmitten.

January 2016
PLAIN FLY TYERS present their donation for $2,000 to Save Peshastin Waterfront

In Photo - Rollie Schmitten, Bob Stroup, and presenting donator, representing Play Fly Tyers, Dennis Broughton

Our Supporters
Complete the Loop Coalition
P.O. Box 1192
Wenatchee WA 98807
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